Medical Chemical Peels

Jessner's Facial Peel

A medium-strength medical grade chemical peel that commonly is used to treat facial imperfections to include wrinkles, acne, fine lines, laugh lines, pigmentation, and sun damage. The peel is mixed with 14% of each acid (Salicylic, Lactic, and Resorcinol). The peel can be repeated every four weeks for a series of four to six for maximum results.

Glycolic Power Peels

Choose a 30%, 50% or 70% glycol acid medical grade peel that delivers superior refining, anti-aging, and skin restorative benefits. The unique peel influences collagen and glycosaminoglycan production, as well as smooth wrinkles and improving pigmentation and acne.

TCA Facial Peel

A medium-strength medical grade chemical peel, Trichloroacetic Acid is used to exfoliate and renew the skin starting at the epidermis and absorbing deeper into the dermis. This peel is ideal for normal to oily, sun damaged, uneven skin tone, and dull skin. The benefits include improved skin clarity, tone, and texture, reduction of acne, clogged pores, wrinkles and fine lines, and scars. Collagen and elastin production increase with repeated peel sessions.

Fat Disolving