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Our medical staff can help easily diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction, resulting in restored energy levels, mental health, drive, and libido.

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Adam Sweet Spot Shots

The procedure is an amazing option with lasting results.

By the age of 40, men start having noticeable issues with enlarged prostates causing ED.

One out of every two men between the age of 35 and 65 will have erectile dysfunction.

The Adam Sweet Spot Shot is a non surgical procedure that can improve sexual performance and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Adam Sweet Spot Shot?

  • Those with erectile dysfunction
  • Looking to enhance their sexual performance
  • Improve their sex life
  • Men with loss of function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, diabetes, and other medical conditions affecting sexual performance
  • Men who may be noticing a decline in sexual performance
  • Unable to achieve an erection
  • Take expensive medications with side affects like Viagra or Cialis

The Adam Sweet Spot Shot can...

  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Longer, firmer, and more sustainable erections, penis enlargement
  • Improved sexual sensations and premature ejaculation issues
  • Deliver long-lasting results that pills or other male enhancing procedures fail to achieve
  • A pain-free procedure that includes several small injections at the penis
  • Can improve performance
  • Increase length and girth as well as correction of Peyronie's Disease (abnormal curvature of the penis sometimes causing pain with sexual intercourse)
  • Improve quality of life and self esteem

How does the Adam Sweet Spot Shot work?

Although platelets in our blood are known to help with clotting after an injury, they also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors that support cell growth and regeneration, angiogenesis (capillary formation), re-vascularization, and tissue modeling.

Step 1

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Rich platelets are injected into the penis to stimulate growth of new healthy cells and promote tissue, blood vessel, and nerve regeneration.

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Step 2

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The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes with little to no down time.

Men report the procedure is painless.

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Step 3


Results are noticed within 24 hours. Results can be immediate.

An increase in size can take up to three weeks.

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The aging process does not have to cause embarrassment

We understand as health care providers that theses issues can be hard to discuss. Finally a procedure that is non-surgical can not only improve sexual performance but can improve self esteem, quality of life, and wellbeing.

I'm a 47 year old male. I have had issues with ED for several years now. A friend of mine referred me to this spa for PRP treatment. I had no idea what that was and did some research. Eventually, I received the Adam Sweet Spot shot (male PRP shot) a couple of weeks ago. I was very skeptical and nervous (for obvious reasons) to have the procedure done.

Amy was completely professional, explained the entire procedure, and set my mind at ease. During the procedure, I felt no pain at all. Since the treatment, my erections are more firm now and the head of my unit has increased in sensitivity. It seems to improve each day by a small fraction as I heard it would.

I hope to get one more treatment done in about 3 months to rid myself of these Viagra pills. I can honestly say, I am well on my way to that goal. I'm so glad I found out about this treatment. I can't say enough good things about the way Amy brought me through this treatment with kid gloves. I'm very glad I took the leap and you will be too!! I highly recommend Sweet Spot MediSpa!!"

-Scott F. Ft Myers, Fl

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