Attic Breeze® SFA Model Series

The Zephyr® SFA Series Solar Attic Fans

Designed for southern roof exposures, The Zephyr® SFA model solar attic fans feature a standard unit attached solar panel and offer a self-flashing base for easy installation on roofs with composite shingles, cedar shake, flat concrete tiles, or other low profile roofing materials. Equipped with our proprietary monocrystalline solar panels and designed with UltraFlo® technology, The Zephyr® series solar attic fans offer both high performance and durability.

Product Features

  • Unit mounted monocrystalline solar panel
  • Self-flashing style base
  • Corrosion resistant zincalume alloy fan housing
  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware throughout
  • Available in natural zincalume or powder coated finish
  • UltraFlo® design technology
  • Whisper quiet 14″ aluminum fan blade
  • No plastic, all metal construction
  • Florida & Texas Windstorm Certified
  • Thermal switch included at no additional cost
  • Residential Lifetime Warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA
The Zephyr Model AB-252A in Gray Powder Coat Finish
The Zephyr® Model AB-252A in Gray Powder Coat Finish

Solar Panel Mounting Options

The Zephyr® SFA models are available with the optional Attic Breeze® Pivot Bracket. Designed for east/west facing roofs, the adjustable bracket allows for inclination of the solar panel to achieve optimum southern sun exposure.

Additional Product Options

SFA BRN (185)
SFA WHT (185)
SFA BLK (185)
SFA ZA (185)

Thermal Switch

The Zephyr® SFA series solar attic fans feature thermal switch control available standard with all factory preset to operate within a nominal range of 75°F. The thermal switch controls the solar attic fan to automatically shut down when attic temperatures fall below the preset range. Fan models may be ordered either with or without thermal switch control. 

 The Zephyr® SFA Model Fans

Fan Models Solar Power Max Performance Finish Total Price
AB-251A-NAT25 watts1550 CFMNatural$1050.00
AB-252A-GRY25 watts1550 CFMGray$1050.00
AB-252A-BRN25 watts1550 CFMBrown$1050.00
AB-252A-BLK25 watts1550 CFMBlack$1050.00
AB-252A-WHT25 watts1550 CFMWhite$1050.00
AB-201A-NAT20 watts1350 CFMNatural$950.00
AB-202A-GRY20 watts1350 CFMGray$950.00
AB-202A-BRN20 watts1350 CFMBrown$950.00
AB-202A-BLK20 watts1350 CFMBlack$950.00
AB-202A-WHT20 watts1350 CFMWhite$950.00
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